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          Our business philosophy 
            We make contributions to the society by creating new value. 
          Our aim 
            We are determined to build our enterprise into a domestically leading polyester film manufacturer by means of win-win cooperation and common development. 
          Basic business policy: 
             Providing customers with value-added, first-class products and service;
            Providing employees with fair opportunities for giving full play to their abilities and talents;
            Carrying out honest and reliable business activities for stockholders;
            Shouldering community and social responsibilities of the member of the society and safety and environmental establishing friendly relations with one another. 
          Safety and environment
          We give top priority to safety, accident prevention, environmental protection, ensuring the safety and health of the local community as well as the customers and actively promoting the cause of environmental protection.
          Morality and justice
          By means of fairness and justice, higher moral standards, strong sense of responsibility and transparency and openness in managements, we win the trust of and meet the expectations of the public.
          Centering around customers
          Provide new values and solutions to customers and, together with customers, achieve the sustainable development.
          Effecting the innovation of the business and being committed to the positive development and growth.
          Field survey and taking the initiative
          Through learning from one another and continuous self-improving, we improve the ability of field survey and initiative and lay a more solid foundation for the company’s business operation.
          Global competition
          By means of the global first-class quality standards and cost management, we improve competitive power and obtain development in the international market.
          Focus on human resources
          Creating a positive work environment for employees and establishing a positive and energetic relationship between the employees and the company.
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